About Amy Bogdon-Abrams, LCSW-C

Amy J Bogdon-Abrams, LCSW-C

I  believe that everyone already has what it takes to feel better, make powerful personal changes and to heal  – and it is my job to create a safe and nurturing environment so that each individual can uncover and grow their own skills. I feel privileged every day to be able to do this work and bear witness to the strength, resiliency and bravery of the people who sit across from me.


I specialize in individual and family therapy, using an eclectic and personalized approach including: psycho-dynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, hypnosis techniques, motivational interviewing, as well as non-talking techniques such as art, sand, play, pet-assisted and experiential.

In 2001 I began practicing as a licensed clinical social worker, and have been a board approved social work supervisor since 2007.  I have extensive experience working with individuals and families affected by trauma, experienced intimate partner violence, sexual assault, foster care, divorce and grief/loss.  The ensuing symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety are normal manifestations of these types of life experiences, and being able to find healthier alternatives to cope is not only possible, but probable when working with a professional like me.

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